Life, Goals and Expectations Versus Reality


Hello Lovlies!, So I recently discovered that I have this bad habit, I neglect my blog, and then come back with all this energy, and it soon disappears again, which is what I want to work on, so I wont bore you guys with a long explanation, but lets just say I'm BACK! This year has been a tough one, mentally, physically and emotionally, there has been a lot more downs than ups, but I see the light at the end of the tunnel :). 

As we draw to the end of the year I'm starting to look at life more realistically rather than what is expected of me, I'm 24 years old and I always thought by now I would have everything about life figured out, and the fact that it didn't go to plan used to stress me out so much! I felt like I didn't have it together. I have come to the realisation that nothing worth having comes easy, and with that I became more relaxed, and I decided I wanted to enjoy my life rather than focus on what I have not done before a certain age comes. 

Creating goals has always helped motivate me, and my number one goal has been to find Happiness within myself, and not in others. I love my friends my family, and that is my main motivation, working on my Blog and my Youtube channel is my main focus, Beauty has always been my passion, but I went travelling throughout the summer and my love for that grew, Travel and Lifestyle, I want to incorporate all this into my blog, so expect to see more post about life, fashion, best places to go, and just more for you guys to enjoy my and make it a fun place. As you may have noticed my url name has also had a little update, I felt like it was due and it does give it a change of pace, which I am quite happy about, I'm working on different designs and just personalising everything to show more of my personality.

Hope you guys are enjoying this November, I honestly can not deal with the fact that we have one month left of 2015, its just flew by, but I am a major Christmas fan so the excitement is growing. 

Love, Love, Love
Sandy Primrose

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