Goodbye 2012. Hello 2013


So its currently 5:16am in london. and I am at a house party that is slowly dying down so I thought to blog guys Its 1st January 2013, and Life is G double O D. I welcome the new year greatly, because 2012 has been a tough year on me personally, I have had so many ups and downs, I do just hope 2013 has more ups for me ideally, I am sitting on a couch, and typing this, everyone else is doing some sort of celebration for the new year. Its so strange to me I feel that 2012 went by so damn quick! like so many events occurred that have opened my eyes for this new year, and made me reflect.

2012 was the year I completed a three year degree. The Year I turned 21. The year I felt free, from everything. Honestly I have been wanting to start something for myself personally, I wanted to achieve quite a number of things by the end of the year, some I have and some I have not but I welcome 2013 with open arms. I hope I bring positivity and amazing life experiences into the new year with all the new people I meet and the different experiences I encounter. So all I have to say for now is Goodbye 2012, and Hello 2013, Good morning to you.


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