Summer Makeup | Summer Glow Tips


Want to achieve a soft glowy shimmer throughout the summer? well I have a tip, Drop the harsh contour, Replace it with a nice deep bronzer, suitable for your skin-tone, it is also the quickest way to wakeup your skin from that long winter nap. A quick swipe along your nose, cheekbones and forehead and you are good to go also grab up some highlight girl! 
These tips work out better for your skin during the summer, it will really reduce a caked out face look, especially if you are outside half the time, and it does give a healthy sexy glow. 
What more do you want this summer.

- Always highlight in the Darkest/Shadowed areas on your face

* MAC Mineralize Skin Finish. 
*MAC lustre drops 
*Sleek Bronze Blush 

REMEMBER: Water Is Always Best. Drink it up!!


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