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Hey Guys! Another semi sunny day in London town today, well, I'm attempting to go HAM with the blogs since its very impossible for me to film anything right now, so, I thought since over here in Britain we are going through summer time, (or so we think) I figured let me do my summer smell goods, Fragrances that are on my favorites list right now. I picked a couple fragrances that are and have always been my fav throughout the past few summers, some are floral, some are more sweet and such, I am not the most perfect individual 
to describe smells, but I will try! 

Beyonce - Heat
Dolce & Gabbana - The One

The first two we have, have been my faves, Beyonce - Heat, is very sultry, and sweet, the vibrant red coming from Beyonce's fav color, if you like 'Sickly sweet' smells should I say this one is for you, the bottle is a bit weird shaped, but I guess that's what Ms B wanted so you know, we work with what she gave us.

The second one is Dolce and Gabanna - The One, this fragrance is very delicious!, almost edible, I love the long lasting effect it has, it stays on forever, literally! The bottle is really square though, with sharp edges, especially if its in your hand bag, it would be a good idea to place it in a little travel automiser bottle, its handy, and ladies, guys go crazy over this scent, so if you want you boyfriend/husband to come drooling, do spray a lil D&G, Thank me later. 

Boots Natural Collection - Mango & Papaya Body Spray 

Britney Spears - Fantasy 

Burberry London 
 The top is a body mist from, Boots, it is the Natural Collection Mango and Papaya, I figured this to be more of an after shower, mist. it has a light fruity scent to it, it is not heavy, so you may need to spray a little bit more as the day goes by. However it is a lovely alternative to any heavy fragrances. Its does make a amazing air freshener spray for my room too! 

After that we have Britney Spears - Fantasy, I am not too sure about this one just as yet, it comes off a bit too musky and sweet and I'm just not sure. It has a cute bottle, other wise, the scent is described as a gentle sweet and fruity, (I'm not sure) also seen as an alternative for Pink Sugar, just more sweet. The bottle is TRES cute! Love it, it looks almost like a potion. 

Last but definitely not least is one that is slowly becoming my obsession, it is Burberry London, this perfume is very appealing, it has a touch of class, and the smell is amazing! Hints of fruity peaches, vanillas and sharp notes of jasmine, this all makes for a fragrance bursting with an amazing aroma. (see my play of words there;)) But yes, I am absolutely in love with this fragrance, its my summer love. 

I know quite a long read, but hey I included some pictures too guys. That is my current compilation of my Summer smell goods
Whats Yours? 


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