MUA - Heaven and Earth Palette Review


I Have been going through a phase where colored eye shadows are really not my thing at the moment, I am actually not wearing eye shadow most days, But when I do, Its always from my current FAV palette which is the MUA - Heaven&Earth palette, I can officially say I am LOVING IT! there's a wide range of neutral colors in the palette which I like cause sometimes I just want to highlight my tear duct or my eyebrow area and the brighter colors are very useful. 

It came packaged very similarly to my Sleek palettes, it also came with a two ended sponge applicator, which I personally do not use much. The colors are quite pigmented, as you can see in the swatches, if you want extra pigmentation just spray a little Fix+ on your brush and and dab away I liked the clear front cover as I could see the colors without having to open up the whole packaging before purchasing, and the best thing about this Ladies, is that it only retails for £4!!!!!! At Superdrug, talk about a bargain or what? So if you are into neutral everyday colors, go and grab the palette girls! 


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