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Hi Guys!

I am actually so excited to be writing this blog post, I feel like I have been away forever! Life caught up with me, as per norm, and I didn't have enough time to post, even though my YouTube channel has been kept going with new videos every week I sort of neglected my blog :(
BUT non the less, I recently picked up a couple little beauty bits and I though eeeep, let me share with you guys. This is going to mainly be a mini drugstore haul I do have a major autumn beauty haul coming up which will be filmed during this month sometime, but for now, Enjoy my loves! 

Kiko Cosmetics Lipsticks - 961 and 902
I recently rediscovered my love for Kiko cosmetics all over again, i popped into the Regent street store which is two floors of makeup goodness ahhhh! they had a mini sale going on (good timing or what?!)  I managed to pick these two lippies for £2.50 each, oh look at those colors?! How could I resist. 

MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquers  |Reckless | Kooky | Dare | Criminal | Halcyon |
So, sticking to the lips theme, the whole matte velvet lips has been so in with the Limecrime Velvetines being so popular and ohhh so fab, I then went on the hunt to find a drugstore dupe because as gorgeous as the Limecrime lippies are, they come a price, £22 each. MUA launched their own version which are these gorgeous lacquers at £3 each! I had to pick up all of them no doubt, such pigmented and they are a matte finish, and they do not budge once they are on it stayyys put!

L.A Colors do really nice nail colors so I managed to get these two for autumn, a dark wine and a glitter to place over, absolutely geeked out to do my nails :D !! 

MAC - Minerelize Skin Finish | Deep Dark | KIKO Cosmetics | Eyeshadow 208 | 
I honesty can not use anything else to set my foundation besides MAC skin finish, I havent found anything that lives up to it at all. It is so light and does the perfect job, I always pick this up as soon as it touches pan.

I have been lusting after the KIKO eyeshadow as soon as I heard it was the almost perfect dupe to Whisper of Gilt highlight by MAC which was limited edition, and at every KIKO store i have been going to it has been sold out, now praise be to God that as soon as I saw them at the Regent street store I picked up two and ran to the till guys, this works as an amazing highlight, it is a tad bit more golden that WOG but it so perfect, I absolutely love love love. If you see it, grab it!

Hopefully you enjoyed this mini haul guys,
till next time!


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