Is Blogging For Me?!


Hey Guys,

This is such a shameful post I cant even deny, my last blog post was in 2015??!?!?!? Really? I suppose i do have to admit that i went through a rough patch with this whole blogging/youtube/social media thing, I have definitely stayed more active on my Youtube and Instagram than I have on here. I started this blog as a major beauty enthusiast, with so much to share in all things beauty, this was over 6 years ago. I felt like im still trying to make a breakthrough within this online world and with so many bloggers and influencers, I did feel like I was at the bottom of the pile and it would take me forever to find my niche and people that would actually read my blog, yes I gave up and thought I should just focus on my youtube more, even though I nearly gave up on that too, but thats a different story.

The past 6 months of 2017 have really made me think and look at life in a different perspective, I learnt that things will not go in an abnormal pace, and being patient in doing things you love will always work in your favour. So her I am 2 years later rebuilding the pieces of my blog and bringing back my love for writing and sharing the best moments with you guys. Whether I have 1 viewer/reader on my blog, I am doing something I enjoy and hopefully you guys will too.

I will be shifting the focus of my blog into more of a Lifestyle, Travel, Fashion and Beauty spot rather than just one focus, I have discovered so many things I enjoy doing and sharing them with you guys will be fun hopefully, so follow me into this new adventure and this time, I am sticking around!

Love & Kisses
Sandy Primrose

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