Nicki Nicki Glamourous!


So after what seems like a century of enormous eyelashes, multicoloured crazy hair, and even crazier costumes, I finally am able to say, I love Nicki Minaj's new look, She is portraying Grown, Sexy and absolutely no crazy hair! Ditching her makeup artist did her well, her makeup now has a flawless finish, and she is glowing really. I did start to miss the old Nicki, the real Nicki under all those costumes and wigs, before the multi crazy stardom she was just a girl from Queens, but I think even she realised, 'uh uh, we aint tryna take it to far now with this Barbie business' 

So lets all enjoy her new glamoourous look, even her new song with Lil wayne quite catchy, I somehow find myself singing all the lyrics *sigh* Check It Out Below. 


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