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Golden Delight

She wanted to go for a real classy simple look, with most of the attention drawing to her eyes, so we keet it pretty simple all around her face with blush and lipstick, and made her eyes pop with some shimmery golds, and volumising eyelashes, She looked absolutely gorgeous!  ^-^

Silver Blue Smokes 

On my next Client, we went a lil bolder, Instead of strip lashes we rocked the Singles, as she wanted them long lasting, her dress was a nice sea foam blue, and silver so I decided to smoke out the eyes, deep highlight under eyes and blush her out baby, she looked flawless, Praises to myself should I say *claps for self* 

Just showing you guys some looks I have done, as an up and coming Makeup artist, Do check out my growing portfolio on:

Thanks Guys!


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