Hey you guys!

i have been so addicted to my Tumblr, i totally forgot I had my lil Blog spot over here. This is actually my very first post on this blog, I am getting used to how to work blog spot so bare with me, while i try and figure out my final design for the blog, up until then there will be a few changes every so often.

So Beauty Kills, Whats all that about?, I exactly dont know how I came up with that name, but it kinda fits in with the whole 'I Can't live without makeup' quote, I do love my natural beauty, I just love makeup as well, I am an aspiring MUA - Makeup Artist - hopefully I will get to do some amazing makeup on some famous people one day (fingers crossed). I am currently looking to go into Makeup school this summer, just to brush up on the techniques that I have learnt and improve my skills! But for now, I am just gonna continue with my Youtube vids, doin tutorials - hauls - OOTD's - emm, and just being crazy old Sandy, do check out my videos and sub, still getting used to youtube as well. so yeah, I am just babbling now, but thanks for reading!

Sandy Xo

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